MAINET REVIEW – real business or another scam ?

By | juillet 23, 2022

Hello and welcome to this mainet review

As you may have noticed, recently there is a lot of buzz about the mainet business opportunity.

So we decided to take a look at it, we even did better, I personally attended a private ZOOM with the CEO.

Yes we are very close to the management which allows us to know more about the ambition of the company as well as its projection in the future.

Below, I’ll start by giving you a summary of the opportunity in case you don’t have time to read the whole review.

Then I will also leave my contact details in case you have any questions or just take a look at the earnings simulation.

Throughout this MAINET REVIEW notice we will also talk about the CEO, passive earnings as well as the compensation plan for those who intend to sponsor people.

If you’re ready let’s dive into this mainet business review!

Quick Overview of the MAINET Opportunity

Mainet is an investment platform that takes advantage of its interactions on FOREX in order to grow the money of its investors.

CIPRIAN CICEU, with whom I have already had the opportunity to discuss, is the CEO of MAINET and he is really available for the community.

That being said, if you want to invest in Mainet Business you can get started with as little as a $25 pack.

This pack will allow you to generate automatic gains on the trading market which are displayed daily on your Backoffice.

Daily earnings are up to 0.75% per day, 3.75% per week (15% per month). Your license will earn passive income until it produces 400% of its value.

Remember that it trades on FIROX so passive income is only for business days.

Registration is very simple, just use the link below then just make a deposit before buying the pack.

Although you can start with as little as $25 but good 400% of $25 is $100 so to have real results you will have to touch the larger packs if the means allow you.

Now that you have almost all the useful information, here are the useful links to go further:

MAINET registration link:

My personal Telegram:

Telegram group:

If you still want to know more about MAINET BUSINESS keep reading or just use the link above to write to me.


MANET is an innovation fintech committed to the development of trading solutions. We specialize in artificial intelligence research and Algotrading software development.

A message from management: “We help archive new financial and personal goals by developing the most advanced software to facilitate and automate the process of interacting with all aspects of forex. »

The mission is to become one of the leading companies in the fields of trading automation.

While the vision is that all partners using our platform should be able to achieve their financial and personal goals.

Our values: quality, transparency and ethics 🚀🚀🚀

Click here to open your MAINET account

How does the opportunity work?

You must start by creating your account using the link below then buy a license from $25 to $20,000 (unlimited number of licenses)

Registration link:

You will need to plan a total of $12 in fees when purchasing your license ($2 for transaction fees and $10 for license activation fees)

The software will start generating an automatic gain on the trading market with compound interest (the previous day’s earnings will be reused the next day)

Profits are shared daily with members, profit amount may vary from day to day (depending on robot performance)

• Up to 0.75% daily earnings

• Up to 3.75% weekly earnings

• Up to 15 monthly incomes

• Up to 400% return on investment per year thanks to compound interest!

In this example image you can see the power of compound interest using mainet’s products and services!

Example made with $1,000

mainet compounding income

To start the adventure here is the registration link:


With over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship, management, business planning, financial analysis, software engineering, operations,

And decision analysis, Ciprian Ciceu has the breadth and depth of experience needed to quickly understand businesses and craft entrepreneurs the most suitable solutions.

mainet business CEO

Passionate about trading from a very young age and after successfully completing his studies and obtaining an MBA in finance and management,

Ciprian Ciceu began his professional career as an independent trader for various private companies as well as for institutional clients.

In 2017, Ciprian Ciceu decided to join the “be trader academy” as vice-president before founding the “be trader academy romania”

Early 2017, focus on the development of new activities for Eastern Europe, Asia and the United States.

In 2019, Ciprian Ciceu launched “betra coin”, an erc 20 utility token that provides access to crypto education, used to spread the “be trader academy” brand across the crypto market and educate the community about this new financial world.

In 2020, Ciprian Ciceu set up a team of high-level computer science and mathematics engineers with strong expertise in the areas of research and development of algorithms.

For nearly 2 years, Ciprian Ciceu and his team have focused on automating his personal trading strategies and building an EA (expert advisors) that can consistently beat the financial market.

In 2022, Ciprian Ciceu launches the mainet platform, designed to help people with auto trading solutions and forex affiliate businesses.

What tool does MAINET use?

Mainet has created an EA (Artificial Intelligence)

Named Mainet Ea, it is the result of several years of market study and forex trading robot programming.

This extremely profitable EA will automatically trade 24 hours a day with multiple trades per day, with trading strategies based on volume analysis with statistical research and precise probability.

Mainet EA allows us to achieve a positive return in all market conditions and generate profitable daily trading in the financial markets.

Example of Myfxbook – Several robots work together to generate profits.

My Fx Book public? It will potentially be shared, AND for large investors the robot will be connected to the live MT4 account, and therefore view the live Trades.

Click here to open your account

Compensation plan for networkers

In total there are 4 Bonuses in the Mainet Marketing plan:

– the Residual Bonus

– the Unilevel + Leader Rank bonus

– license renewal bonus

– the Infinity pool bonus (unlock from a certain grade)

Let’s see in detail the different bonuses:

Residual bonus

First residual bonus: you work once by creating your network and you are rewarded with 30% of the income generated by the licenses of your first 10 levels!

This bonus is Paid EVERY DAY!

If you had always dreamed of a real passive income in addition to the return on your investment, this bonus is INCREDIBLE!

A concrete example in pictures!

Your direct partner (your level 1) buys a license at $1,000 let’s assume that the robot generates 15% monthly on its license, so it gives $150 in profit for it and you therefore receive 6% of it’s $150 in earnings, i.e. 9 $/month!

Here is another example:

Example based on 3 people who have themselves sponsored 3 people!

As you can see in this example, the duplication of the network makes the Residual bonus more and more POWERFUL!

Click here to open your account

Unilevel and Rank Bonuses!

BE CAREFUL of the 50% rule on the strongest leg (you must have at least 2 teams in order to balance the turnover in 50/50)

Rank bonuses range from $5 to $1,500,000 with physical gifts on top!

License renewal bonuses.

Every time a member generates 4 times their license value their license expires.

He must therefore buy a new license which generates new commissions

Partner license renewal = new commission 🙂

We are lucky to be really not far from the CEO,

You really have to analyze his career to realize that he is a monster!!!

Click here to open your account

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